Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Nanette Lepore: The Vivaldi Coat

A few weeks ago I tried on a lovely black Chloe silk evening coat with little bow closures and fell in love; however, given the climate I live in, I couldn’t justify the price considering I’d use it just a handful of times. Then in New York I found something a little funkier and a bit more dramatic, and at a fifth of the price of my Chloe find: the Nanette Lepore Vivaldi Coat. The coat is made of a linen blend with ¾ length bell sleeves with the neckline and center opening trimmed with a lovely taffeta-like ruffle. The back of the coat has a lovely bow. Granted, it’s a bit more in-your-face than the subtle and minimalist design of the lovely Chloe coat, but with a title like the “Vivaldi” coat, what does one expect? Ms. Vivaldi will be making her debut this Friday during a dinner date at a lovely French restaurant near you.

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lili paz said...

what a gorgeous coat, T! i'm curious to know which bag will you be using come friday night?

awesome blog, btw!

Mama T said...

L, I think it may have to be the Chanel Black Patent Timeless clutch or the Dalmation without the shoulder strap!

Suzie said...

btw, I meant to tell you at Rover's that the coat is really beautiful. But then I got distracted by the food. :)

Mama T said...

Thanks Suzie! =)