Wednesday, March 28, 2007

MAC’s Whirl Lipliner: An Alternative to the Old Spice

I know a lot of you out there are fans of perennial favorite, MAC’s Spice lip liner, but did you know that it’s changed over the years? I first picked up the pencil at the age of 19 after reading how Michelle Pfeiffer used it with a layer of Clinique’s Black Honey Semi-Lipstick over it; a formula that worked perfectly for my fair skin. I finally reached the tail-end of a five-year old pencil (not as gross as it sounds—initially lost, but found at a later point) and went to buy another one, only to discover it didn’t look as good on me anymore. Was it time? Did my lips change coloring to render the pigment peachy and pasty versus the light and pinky brown I had gotten used to? Well, on a recent visit to my local MAC counter I told the cosmetician of my plight, and that’s when she let me in on a little secret: Spice had changed—in fact, it used to be more of a “pinky brown.” WHAT?!? Why on earth would they even toy with perfection? Well, she didn’t know the answer, but she had a recommendation for an alternative: MACs Whirl—a more pinky version of Spice. While it’s not quite exactly like the old Spice, it’s closer than the newer version of Spice which is a bit more pasty on me. Go ahead, give it a Whirl—(sorry, I coudn't resist. It’s the latte kicking in.)

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A Fine Balance said...

I love Whirl....though you are absolutely right the old spice was much better have been wearing that colour for years! not anymore sadly!