Monday, March 19, 2007

Christian Louboutin: Not Just For Boosting Your Height

Fresh off the UPS truck from Christian Louboutin’s store on Madison and in my closet are a pair of black calfskin Louboutin platform pumps with a stacked 3.5 inch wooden heel. Take note, these are shorter than the popular Bruges oft-spotted on the startlet du jour, and different from this Spring’s version, the Super 868, which has a pointier toe and a sky-high heel. In short, this is the perfect shoe.

My current shoe? $10 flipflops from Nordstrom Rack. What did I wear outside the house today in the torrential rain? That would be my Asics Kayanos to the gym. When would I wear this perfect shoe then? Good question. Pre-pregnancy and marriage, I would tell you that I would wear these with the pantsuits I used to wear to work to attend team and client meetings with CFOs and attorneys.

The ugly truth is that post-pregnancy I couldn’t bear to look at a heel, not helped by the fact that my foot size went up by a ½ size; the best I could do were clogs to those post-partum doctor visits. And even then, those were a stretch. Ever try to carry a 9 pound newborn inside a hefty infant carrier post-C section?

It took me about a year before I could even remotely think about myself again. Post-partum depression, shedding some of the baby weight, dealing with the stress of a very steep learning curve of being a first-time parent away from family who could help, were things that I found very overwhelming. Style got put on the backburner, and keeping my head above water became paramount.

When my daughter turned one, I also reached a mini-milestone; I became re-interested in looking somewhat presentable when going out. Invigorating my wardrobe was a head-to-toe process, so that’s when I got my first pair of Louboutin shoes; a pair of leopard-print wingtip slingback wedges I found on sale at Bergdorfs on-line. Wearing those shoes made me feel taller—both literally and figuratively. The leopard-print made me feel cool & stylish. In short, those were the shoes in which Mama got her groove back.

So when will I wear the perfect shoe? The answer: whenever Mama needs a little boost. ☺

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EMNH said...

You're absolutely right!!! That is the perfect shoe.