Thursday, March 22, 2007

More Eggs: Faberge's 1906 Swan Egg

Since we’re on the subject of eggs, allow me to mention my childhood fascination with Faberge eggs which began soon after I saw the 1983 James Bond film, Octopussy, in which the opening scene deals with a stolen Faberge egg. After looking through several books on Faberge, there was one egg that I became enamored with: The Swan Egg. Czar Nicholas II presented this egg to his mother for Easter in 1906. The exquisitely jeweled pale lavender exterior alone is an eye-catcher, but what really had me going about this egg were the multiple surprises inside. Once opened, the egg reveals a platinum swan sitting in a small lake carved out of aquamarine. But that isn’t all. The swan has a mechanism that when activated causes the swan to move its rump and arch its neck. Pure genius! I then cheekily declared to my mother (at the age of nine), that whomever I married would have to procure this egg for me to win my hand in marriage. Needless to say, my married surname is not Sandoz, the Swiss foundation that currently owns my beloved egg.


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