Thursday, March 22, 2007

Cadbury Mini-Eggs: An Annual Treat

Let me start by saying that I am not a chocolate lover by nature; given the choice between a slice of pizza and a bar of chocolate, pizza would win hands down as it would satisfy my savory palate everytime. But right around early March, when Target gets their remaining Easter stock, I quickly & purposefully stride towards the Easter display aisle, keeping my eyes peeled for the shiny purple package that holds the objects of my desire: Cadbury Mini-Eggs. A high-school classmate of mine introduced these special treats to me many years ago during one particularly slow AP English class. These mini-eggs have a crisp and thin candy shell, and the inside, of course, has the most delicious creamy Cadbury milk chocolate that M&M’s don’t even come close to. I know you chocolate connoisseurs revere chocolate to a whole other level and are probably smirking at the thought of drugstore chocolate, but give these a try. Every year, they have my simple tastebuds coming back for more.

Photo: Cosmopolitan Pearls

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