Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Stationery Style: Iomoi.com

I’ve had a paper fixation since I was a child. I’m not just talking pretty paper, I’m talking any paper. I collected the labels and wrappers from cans and soaps as a 3-year old and carefully toted my prized collection in what would become another object of fixation as an adult: an old handbag my mom had passed down to me. As I grew older, I discovered the joys of Sanrio, which I’m not embarrassed to say, still captivates me today. However, I’ve also come to enjoy the art of finer stationery, but was quite surprised at how much a small batch of personalized stationery can cost at Smythson, Mrs. John L. Strong, or even Crane. So I had a small batch made up through William Arthur using letterpress and even then, that small batch cost as much as an Hermes scarf. It’s too bad I didn’t come across the Iomoi.com website sooner. The site customizes stationery, calling cards (great for play dates), address labels, and even lovely little paperweights. The designs are absolutely charming, taking cues from such popular designs as Goyard’s stripes or Tory Burch’s emblem, but also making available other adorable, yet more traditional motifs such as flowers, monograms, and my personal favorite, a woman toting a Birkin.


Photos: www.iomoi.com

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