Friday, April 13, 2007

Pho & Cream Puffs?

When we saw that Pho Than Brothers was opening up a location on the Eastside, we no longer had an excuse to not try out the establishment known for cheap and great Pho served with cream puffs. I was expecting other dishes on the menu encased underneath the glass on our table, but nope, aside from beverages, Pho in every combination and size (from small to XL) was pretty much it. I ordered a medium-sized bowl of the Pho Bo with eye round steak and a glass of Nuoc Mat (Cane Tea). I was pleasantly surprised to see that our cream puffs arrived shortly after we sat down. Any place that serves you dessert first already has a leg up on their competition in my book. Cream puffs were fairly decent and can be bought—15 for $7.50. As for the Pho, when I first saw the clump of rice noodles in the bowl, I was prepared for the noodles to be a bit undercooked and not heated through as I’ve found at some places, but the noodles quickly unfurled and I discovered perfectly cooked rice noodles in a delicious MSG-free broth. The medium-sized bowl of Pho was just right for me, and I even had some left over. Both the Pho and the tea worked perfectly on a cold and rainy day. In short, a great and inexpensive meal.

For locations and menu, visit: Pho Than Brothers

Cash only
Open 7 days a week

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