Wednesday, April 4, 2007

An Emergency Purchase: the Olympus WS-300M Digital Voice Recorder

From the time my daughter was born I had always talked about recording her voice and saving it for posterity. Somewhere in storage is a tape of me as a 3-year old getting confused between “Flushing” and “French Fry” when being asked where I lived, and my parents love hearing that over and over again. My daughter is now two, and I haven’t taped a thing. And then today, the bomb dropped. I handed her a sippy cup for her water; this one had a bunch of Sesame Street characters on it, including her favorite, Mo-Mo, but today, when she saw the cup, she actually called him “EL-mo” instead of just “Mo-Mo.” I was stunned. And then it dawned on me, she was growing up, and baby talk was slowly making its way out, and I hadn't captured a moment of it.

When she first started talking, I had loved how she abbreviated words—as if she couldn’t be bothered to say the whole thing so she’d just say the last half of the word. Zebra was “bra” and Elmo was “Mo-Mo.” But no longer, now it’s just “zebra” and “Elmo,” and for some reason, I was really sad. On the positive side, I immediately ran to my laptop to Google “digital voice recorder for Macs” and quickly got to Amazon where I found the Olympus WS-300M had gotten good reviews and easily synced with the Mac so I could just convert the files into MP3s and burn them onto disc to torment her with them at a later date. You can even get a small microphone to go with it.

Hopefully it’ll be easy to use, and in between now and the time that it arrives, my daughter will still be saying “Mama” instead of “Mommy.”


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