Sunday, April 8, 2007

Easter and the Pomegranate?

Happy Easter everyone. As I am due to leave for services here shortly, I will make this brief.

I recently learned something new from an Hermes scarf collector's group I belong to. Apparently, the fruit du jour, the Pomegranate, which seems to be quite popular in recent years, is a symbol of the Passion. Of course I had to look this up and found all kinds of interesting tidbits of information regarding this complex fruit that is now in everything from POM juices to beauty products.


-The pomegranate was first cultivated in Persia 5,000 years ago.
-It was the favourite fruit of the ancient Greek gods and in Ancient Greece, represented life, regeneration and marriage.
-In China, a picture of a ripe pomegranate is a popular wedding gift.
-In Buddhism, the pomegranate is one of the three blessed fruits and found in art as a symbol of abundance and prosperity.
-The pomegranate is a symbol of resurrection and eternal life in Christianity. It symbolised fertility, and this symbolism
was brought to life in 1487 by Allesandro Boticelli in his painting “Madonna of the Pomegranate” which depicts the
Virgin Mary holding baby Jesus with a pomegranate in his hand.
-It is customarily eaten during the Jewish New Year.
-The Prophet Mohammed cherished the fruit saying it brings physical and emotional harmony.
-The ancient Egyptians were buried with pomegranate. The Babylonians believed chewing the seeds before battle made
them invincible.
-Pomegranate is used to make grenadine syrup, which is used in cocktails such as Mai Tai or tequila sunrise.

Anyhow, I will be wearing my Les Jardins d'Andalousie scarf (pictured) today, which is laden with pomegranates.

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lili paz said...

oh wow, great info! i've never really liked the fruit but pomegranate martinis are one of my favorites!