Sunday, January 27, 2008

Los Angeles Favorites: In N'Out Burger

Okay, okay, I know that In N'Out now has locations in Nevada and Arizona as well as in Northern California, but the fact that it got its start in Baldwin Park, CA, renders it an LA favorite for me. Those familiar with the drive through menu recognize the simplicity of it: hamburger, cheeseburger, or a double double with shakes and sodas offered along with fries.

Many are also aware of the "secret menu," an off-menu list that prepares the basic three choices, fries, and shakes in a variety of combinations. I have only tried one item off the "secret menu," and that is the Protein-Style cheeseburger and double double. A former co-worker of mine who was really into the Atkins diet and weightlifting first clued me into this delish preparation. Basically, you can get any burger (regular hamburger, cheeseburger, or double double) sans bun, wrapped in iceberg lettuce. I pretty much now always order the double-double protein style with grilled onions (you must ask for grilled onions!) and justify my fries by the fact that I'm missing my starch in the bun. For you calorie-counters out there, I checked the nutritional facts on the In N'Out website and taking the bun off saves you a mere 70 calories. Now I think you've guessed by my previous entries that I'm not exactly an adherent to the Atkins diet (nor of any other diet in particular), but for those of you who are watching their carbs, the Protein-Style burger is a worthy indulgence.

The Secret Menu

For the basic "official" secret menu:

For an even more comprehensive secret menu taken from Wikipedia at

M by C
M meat patties and C slices of cheese (for example, a 3 by 3 or a 2 by 4)
Triple Meat
Three meat patties without cheese.
Animal Style
In addition to the usual condiments, mustard fried on the meat, pickles, extra spread and grilled onions are added.
Animal Style Fries
Fries with cheese, spread, and grilled onions.
Double Meat
Two meat patties without cheese.
Extra Everything
Adds extra spread, tomato, lettuce, and onions (regular or grilled).
Flying Dutchman
Two meat patties and two slices of melted cheese.
Extra Toast
Bun is cooked longer so it is extra toasted.
Fries "Light"
Almost raw fries that are cooked for less time.
Fries "Well"
Fries that are cooked longer to be extra crisp.
Fries with cheese
Fries with two slices of melted cheese placed on top.
Grilled Cheese
Two slices of melted cheese, tomato, lettuce and spread on a bun, with no meat. There is also a Grilled Cheese Animal Style (grilled onions are added).
Choco-Vanilla Swirl Shake
Chocolate and vanilla flavors combined in one shake.
Neapolitan Shake
All three shake flavors (strawberry, vanilla and chocolate) combined in one shake.
Root Beer Float
Vanilla shake with root beer combined.
Protein Style
Instead of a bun, the burger is wrapped in lettuce. In addition to burgers, a protein style Grilled Cheese is available.
Veggie Sandwich
A sandwich without meat or cheese.
Extra packets of refrigerated Thousand Island dressing in packages marked "Spread".
Lemon up
1/2 lemonade 1/2 7-up. for locations

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Stephanie said...

Yum, I'm so hungry reading your post. Prior to In'N Out, I never liked burgers (too bready, meat not juicy and delicious). . .and then someone introduced me to the In'N Out protein style. Now, I ALWAYS get a double double protein style with grilled onions. And, if I've been a very good girl that day. . .then well done fries. Mmmm. . .