Monday, July 23, 2007

Restaurants: The Slanted Door's Out the Door

I am not a big fan of Asian fusion cuisine as I am very old-schooled when it comes to Asian food. Translation: if I've paid $5 for a bowl of great Pho, the $10 one can't be that much better. The Slanted Door in San Francisco's Ferry Building had me intrigued however, since it's been getting rave reviews and has become a standard lunch spot for young professionals in the area according to Bloomberg magazine. When I couldn't get a reservation at the ever-popular restaurant using a week in advance, I was a little disappointed until a friend of mine told me they had two smaller outposts for quick meals and take-out, cleverly named, Out the Door, located in the Ferry Building with another one in the Westfield Center on Market Street. As we were staying in the heart of the city on Market, we headed towards the Westfield Center.

My husband ordered the Pho, I ordered Chicken in a Clay Pot, and we ordered Spring Rolls and Crispy Imperial Rolls to share along with a Taro and Milk Boba and a Tropical Fruit and Lime Boba. The Pho was made with wide rice noodles as opposed to the traditional thin ones, and my husband was disappointed at how bland it was. I had better luck with the Chicken in a Clay Pot; succulent boneless chicken pieces simmered in a sweet soy sauce based gravy. The only thing it was missing was some vegetables so I chose to supplement my meal with some Spicy Broccoli, which was undercooked and overseasoned.

The big winners over all were the Spring Rolls, Crispy Imperial Rolls, my chicken, and surprisingly, their Boba; their Boba was amazingly fresh, not made with the traditional powders you see at the chains, and the tapioca pearls were sweet and chewy. Would I give this place another shot? Absolutely. There are many more rice plates and dishes to be tried and at prices more reasonable than the Slanted Door.

Note to parents with young children: the food court atmosphere at the Westfield makes this location very kid-friendly as well.

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