Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Baby Gear: The BandaBib

Like most infants, my daughter was a drooler when she was teething; we went through five bibs a day, and even now, at the age of two, she'll drool when she's being very active or concentrating really hard on something (i.e., working on a puzzle). I was never a huge fan of how the terry cloth bibs looked around her neck, so when I saw Bazzlebaby's BandaBib in Target a few weeks ago, it definitely made me pause. It's a simple yet ingenious idea; a cotton bandana backed with thicker fabric in cute prints that closes with a snap button on the back. Definitely looks a lot cuter than the average bib, and it comes in assorted patterns for boys and girls. There's a great modeling picture at the Bazzlebaby site (which is still under construction)

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