Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Paris: Galeries Lafayette

To describe Galeries Lafayette as a department store would really be an inept moniker as it is really everything you could possibly want in one place. A wide variety of designer labels from the luxury end to the moderately-priced are housed under one roof. There were a few brands like Antik Batik that I found to be slightly less expensive than in the States, and then there were some other brands I didn't even recognize. If you plan on doing some serious shopping here, give yourself plenty of time and pace yourself. In general, I skipped the clothing and handbags (and the general sense of chaos in the multi-level crowded store) and made my way to my favorite part of Galeries Lafayette, its gourmet food market, Lafayette Gourmet. There is an Eric Kayser counter in there, cured meats, cheeses, wines, chocolates, produce, Asian foods, among a variety of other items. We wound up buying some macaroons, croissants and the most delicious pineapple, cleaned and cored right in front of us. I'd definitely hit this place or Fauchon if you're looking to have an impromptu picnic along the Seine as there is a vast array of food items from which to choose from.

If you do decide to shop for clothing and the like at GL, be sure to pick up the 10% off card for visitors at the desk or your hotel.

40 boulevard Haussmann

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Sandra said...

I've love Lafayette gourmet too. It's a wonderful place!