Friday, January 30, 2009

Food: Tofu Tip

Hopefully I'll get in full blogging mode in the upcoming weeks; in the meantime, here's a quick cooking tip. During the winter months my family and I love eating Shabu Shabu, essentially a Japanese version of fondue. A pot of hot boiling water is on the table, and you dip in raw meat, veggies, Udon, etc. My dad recently gave me a tip to freeze soft tofu before throwing it in the water (where it usually falls apart). Simply place an unopened box of tofu in the freezer; a day before or the morning of, defrost the box of tofu in the fridge or on the counter, slice it up and cook. The tofu maintains its structure, and freezing the tofu gives it a spongy texture to it that I like better than medium firm tofu. This works whether you're boiling it or cooking it in stir-fry.

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